1700 retail locations and counting. This house hold name of a retail giant was constantly being disappointed by their service vendors providing false expectations and constantly failing.


With 600 plus maculate grocer locations this client was already in good shape with there locations being preserved by there service providers but was looking to reduce there spend.

C store

With well over 6000+ locations domesticity and thousands more abroad, this client is one of the largest players in the industry. Handing such a large operation presents its own operational challenges and when you bring into the mix having several food chains in the mini marts it makes the operation that much more robust.

Dental Clinic

With 250+ locations and on pace to open 50 new clinics a year, there is no doubt this dental care company is one of the largest growing in the industry. As a sole provider for comprehensive maintenance, built outs and reoccurring janitorial services. Partnered since 2020, NFD continues to stream line growth for this organization.