National Facilities Direct (NFD) worked with a popular chain of fast-casual restaurants that was struggling with inconsistent and poor quality of service across their locations. This had led to a dip in customer satisfaction ratings and a need to catch up on repeat business.

Logistics & Freight

ABC Freight and Transportation, a leading freight and logistics company in the US, was struggling with significant downtime and maintenance costs due to frequent breakdowns and malfunctions of their dock and receiving door equipment.


National Facilities Direct (NFD) recently provided MEP support to a nationwide US retailer with 1700 locations across multiple states. The client had been consistently disappointed by their service vendors, who failed to meet their expectations and deliver satisfactory results.


With 600 plus immaculate grocer locations, this client was already in good shape with their sites being preserved by their service providers but was looking to reduce their spend. The client had always valued self-performing providers but had not had any rewarding past experiences from previous providers wearing a self-performing outfit for a national scale.

C store

With over 6000 locations domestically and thousands more abroad, this client is one of the most significant players in the industry. Handling such a large operation presents its apparent challenges, and when you bring into the mix having several food chains in the mini marts, it makes the operation that much more robust.

Dental Clinic

With more than 250 locations and on pace to open 50 new clinics a year, this dental care organization is one of the fastest-growing institutions in the industry. As a sole provider for comprehensive maintenance, build-outs, and recurring janitorial services, National Facilities Direct (NFD) has partnered with the organization since 2020 to help streamline its growth.