Measurable Value

Financial insight is a key factor for any facility management team’s project planning success. NFD provides real-time data so your team can budget and calculate projections with more accuracy. With financial data and continuous reviews, your team will gain vital analytical insight that:

  • Enables accurate forecasting
  • Reduces budgeting for reallocation
  • Takes control of overspending
  • Accurately invests in aging assets

Value-Driven Solutions

NFD’s operating infrastructure is designed for our clients’ single or multi-site challenges that require comprehensive solutions. Our expert team of field technicians, in-house architects, and engineers, in conjunction with our dedicated customer-centric project managers, provide a transparent picture of each project at your location. It also enables streamlined, real-time communication that is imperative to overall quality and is representative of your company’s brand. Our dynamic, all-encompassing approach allows your team to tactically execute all its budgetary and service needs:

  • Solve challenging communication issues
  • Provide real-time updates
  • Eliminate misunderstandings between third parties
  • Cut down on time wasted dealing with multiple vendors

Workforce Control

NFD self performs more than twenty commercial services and is available in nearly every major marketplace throughout the US and Canada. Our proprietary technology and team of customer care representatives closely monitor our technician’s step-by-step process on every service rendered. NFD rigorously evaluates and hires less than 10 % of field techs that apply. Our streamlined communication system enables us to provide your team with a constant stream of updates. Knowing that NFD holds all trades’ licenses in all operating states gives our clients the ability to:

  • Eliminate third party marks-ups
  • Gain clarity on systematic issues
  • Mitigate risk through aggressive oversight
  • Obtain clarity in each project

Command Center

NFD’s command center is comprised of 400+ resolute team members, and our growth is controlled by the number of qualified individuals we can train in our unique way of client care. We are customer-centric and focused on meeting your company’s budget objectives. Our staff undergoes several weeks of in-house orientation and training followed by a 6-week mentor process. Our Customer Care Representatives have professional guidance from former field technicians and engineers to ensure each service is performed to your expectations.

As a valued client your team will know:

  • The objectives of your company are a priority
  • All options are available and within budget
  • There is follow-up in real time for higher productivity

Supply chain procurement & Management

NFD takes the initiative to perform a control log of your companies’ manageable equipment to assess and preserve your assets. Clients will have an early indication of aging or obsolete items that may require replacement in the future. When that day comes, your team is prepared. Our technicians are equipped and prepared to complete each service request onsite the first time. All our service vans are already well stocked with most parts needed for your repair. For each individual task, our technicians have access to our central warehouse system in more than 80 cities.

Our parts procurement team will:

  • Reduce your cost on parts, units, and equipment
  • Reduce transit and down time
  • Enable service times 24-7/365