“ I want to send you a HUGE thank you to NFD team for the work completed at our Aliquippa, PA store yesterday. This was a big deal as our Executive Vice President of Store Operations was there this morning and it is his in-law’s home store. He is very detailed and quick to roll up issues. This one was fantastic – his words. It wouldn’t have been a success without your team! Thank you for your partnership!”

National Facilities Direct’s end-to-end approach is your nationally-scaled enterprise’s go-to for integrated facility management. If your objective is to find a strategic partner that will eliminate your day-to-day facility management burdens, our creative and strategic solutions, proactive communication, swift response times, and best in industries resolution time are all made possible by our revolutionary command center and field team, are here at your disposal.

We are available and ready round the clock to ensure your business facilities are UP AND RUNNING at maximum efficiency by providing streamlined-comprehensive solutions and value-rich services.

Project Building

NFD provides its full-stack project management and building services, putting all its expertise and capabilities into the process’s completion and follow-up, including planning, designing, engineering, pre and post-construction phases, and project management.

Integrated Facilities Maintenance

Preserving your facilities and keeping them at their apex is essential for maintaining the value of your organization’s assets. Our facilities maintenance services will help grow your business and increase your investments’ productivity through serving the assets and equipment inside and around the structure, and ensuring everything is optimally safe, looks good, and is in working order.

Common Area Maintenance(CAM)

Common areas should get the needed maintenance as a frontage of your investment(s).

National Facilities Direct offers you its best-in-class integrated facilities management services, including energy management to meet the new energy initiatives and reduce your carbon footprint, which will, in turn, aid in the reduction in your establishment(s) energy consumption and utility bill.

NFD Life Cycle

Constructing for longetivity

Group 3406


Our project managers will provide an A-Z seamless building process for all new facility construction and major remodeling projects.

We build for the future with the intent of maintenance and limiting the number of repairs.


We implement all procedures necessary to maintain the initial condition of objects, systems, or technical equipment, in order to preserve functionality and efficiency, as well as predict and avoid future failures.


Through consolidated-streamlined communication and a seamless work process.

When the need arises, our team of dedicated and talented technicians will reach even the most remote locations swiftly for a thorough diagnosis with the intent of repairing for longevity.