The industries we serve

We place your needs at the heart of the solution, offering strategic and operational know-how services, helping you solve your biggest operational challenges, ensuring you can provide the highest standards in supporting your objectives, and creating value at every stage of the process, by providing clear and effective integrated facility management solutions.

Food & Beverage

NFD provides its F&B industry clients with easy-to-use, feature-rich services, including repair and maintenance, sanitization & disinfection, waste management, cleaning, and much more.

Our services will help you maximize your asset performance, reduce equipment downtime, and adhere to stringent health and safety compliance regulations while controlling costs and taking care to maintaining 100% hygiene in the food preparing areas that include floor cleaning, staff training, machinery cleaning and repair, pest control, and so on…


The hospitality industry can widely improve the guest experience through a streamlined facilities management approach. From preventative maintenance to added amenities, National
Facilities Direct can quickly resolve open maintenance items, move through a backlog of open projects, prevent unnecessary loss of room use, and maintain hotel grounds and guest satisfaction.

Our well-trained facility experts utilize state-of-the-art technology to evaluate your facility needs and offer unparalleled maintenance across your vast locations nationwide.


Our integrated facilities management services ensure your operations are safe, compliant, and productive. Our in-house technical experts can help you manage the most complex industrial infrastructure and facilities, using all the industrial equipment upon case needed, such as conveyor belts, scissor lifts, compactors, roll-up gates, and dock levelers.

We provide energy management and supply services through strategies that allow you to gain control of your energy use and reduce consumption with no impact on production or quality, as well as mechanical and electrical maintenance services, HVAC, etc.

Real Estate

National Facilities Direct provides strategic real estate development planning & asset management as it handles customer-specific management needs, including service requests, inventory, inspections and facility condition assessments, preventive and corrective maintenance, space management, maintaining landscaping, servicing and repairing HVAC systems, performing pest control, and cleaning or painting common areas.


The condition of your space has a major impact on customer satisfaction and, ultimately, revenue. National Facilities Direct is the integrated facilities maintenance plan for your multi-location retail business that ensures not to let your brand image down.

One of our significant responsibilities in retail facilities management involves keeping the store clean, safe, and attractive. We handle tasks such as re-occurring cleaning, as well as assembling and maintaining product displays, and providing all types of integrated facility maintenance services, which helps the retail establishment enhance its brand in the face of its customers.


As an integrated facilities management services provider, National Facilities Direct ensures that our clients in the healthcare sector receive an exceptional environment of care along with the safety and security of both patients and staff.

We provide oversight of healthcare facilities’ maintenance, security, sanitization, and operations. This includes any location that provides healthcare services, such as walk-in clinics, urgent care clinics, long-term facilities, surgical centers, and hospitals, covering every aspect of facility upkeep.


Grocery chains and supermarkets need reliable facilities management solutions to keep their stores up and running. National Facilities Direct can support your business with customized end-to-end management solutions, from energy management, design & engineering, construction & project management, to commissioning and so on.

We provide professional maintenance services tailored to meet the individual requirements of your retail site, including equipment repair, refrigeration, mechanical, electrical, and HVAC.


When it comes to the field of education, NFD maintains daycare, tutoring centers, private and charter schools, etc. By providing adequate facilities, resources, and appropriate services such as security, sanitization, and amenities. We help our clients offering their students a good quality education, create a more effective and safe learning environment that is suitable for teachers, parents, and students.