Sold! How to Take Your Real Estate Facilities Management to the Next Level


Facility managers (FMs) play an essential role when it comes to managing and optimizing real estate assets in a way that supports the organization’s mission, goals, and strategies. They’re heavily involved in the planning of real estate decisions because they provide stakeholders with the information they need to make high-level decisions. Whether it’s using lease data and maintenance expenses to show the total cost of ownership or evaluating enterprise asset maintenance (EAM) data to predict future capital expenditures, stakeholders rely on FMs to identify costs and needs associated with facilities and how they impact the organization as a whole.

Real estate properties are valuable capital assets that must be managed and optimized in order to achieve long-term success. Therefore, high-performing facilities management is crucial. Below, we explain the benefits of partnering with a self-performing FM provider and how they can help take your real estate facilities management to the next level.


Ensure High-Functioning Facilities Management With Self-Performing

Self-performing facilities management provides a more comprehensive and streamlined approach to managing an organization’s facilities and services. Self-performing FM companies consolidate all processes and systems under one integrated solution that simplifies the day-to-day and eliminates gaps through streamlined communication for greater efficiency. Here are the advantages of partnering with a self-performing FM provider when it comes to real estate.


Lower Operational Costs

Understanding costs and potential costs is critical when it comes to planning in real estate. Because maintenance makes up a considerable portion of real estate expenses, taking a proactive approach to upkeep can result in significant savings. Self-performing FM providers look at your entire operation and develop a custom solution that extends the lifespan of your equipment or building’s infrastructure. In turn, this leads to fewer repair costs and increased operational efficiency, and makes budgeting for future needs more predictable and accurate.


Make More Informed Decisions Backed by Data

Data plays a critical role in facility management and real estate decision-making. To obtain accurate and meaningful data, facilities managers need to create efficient channels to collect the right data. Forward-thinking self-performing FM companies can help implement strategies to collect and yield relevant data to make informed decisions when it comes to assessing your current operation and planning for future expenditures. For example, a self-performing FM partner can work with you to implement a solution that collects data to help you evaluate maintenance staff based on square footage. This knowledge can then be used to accurately forecast facility needs for organizations looking to expand.


Improve Operational Efficiency

Self-performing FM providers have the knowledge and capacity to handle projects with the utmost efficiency since they have qualified and verified personnel on call. Having a self-performing FM partner means you have the capacity to address any unforeseen issues promptly and effectively. When the day-to-day is taken care of, you have more time to focus on strategic initiatives that align with organizational goals.


Experience the Difference With Self-Performing Facilities Management

Real estate properties are valuable capital assets that must be managed and optimized in order for organizations to grow. By partnering with a self-performing FM provider, facility managers can improve efficiency and make more informed decisions that lower costs. 

National Facilities Direct offers integrated, comprehensive, and self-performing facility management services. When it comes to real estate, we provide strategic development planning and asset management as it handles customer-specific management needs. This includes service requests, inventory, inspections and facility condition assessments, preventive and corrective maintenance, space management, landscaping, servicing and repairing HVAC systems, pest control, and cleaning or painting common areas.

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