5 Cost Savings Strategies for Facility Management

As a facility manager, you’re responsible for providing the tools and services essential for the upkeep of buildings, infrastructure, or grounds. While ensuring functionality, safety, and sustainability are top priorities, implementing initiatives that can help your organization save on costs is also important. From preventative maintenance to partnering with a self-performing FM provider, here are five cost-saving strategies for facility management.


1. Implement a Preventative Maintenance Plan

Preventative maintenance is the practice of anticipating maintenance needs before they happen. Rather than reacting to facility maintenance needs as they arise, preventative maintenance takes a proactive approach to your assets through routine inspections. This can include regular maintenance tasks such as cleaning, lubrication, replacement of parts, and equipment repairs.

The purpose of this strategy is to ensure the longevity of your systems. Preventative maintenance plans will help you avoid unnecessary spending associated with unexpected downtime and maintain high levels of operational efficiency with fewer breakdown costs.

2. Use Data to Track and Measure Facility Processes and Performance

Collecting and tracking as much data as possible is a great strategy when trying to reduce facility management costs. Whether it’s inventory levels, equipment downtime, or emergency repairs, access to data like this gives you complete visibility into all aspects of your operation. You can then use these metrics to analyze trends and make data-driven decisions to improve your current facility and maintenance processes. This enhanced decision-making ability can lead to operational success and improve your overall bottom line.

3. Reduce Energy Usage

One of the best ways to reduce costs throughout your facilities is by managing energy usage. According to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, implementing smart building practices can help organizations reduce their annual energy consumption by up to 18% for HVAC systems, 28% for plugged equipment, and 33% for lighting. Whether it’s switching to energy-efficient lightbulbs or regulating HVAC systems based on occupancy, implementing smart building practices can lead to significant cost savings over time. 

4. Automate Redundant Tasks

Using automation to help with everyday facility management processes can help save time and free you up to focus on more cost-saving initiatives. For example, service automation technology automates workflows for efficient repair and maintenance management. This helps FMS easily manage all service requests and complete proposals and invoices.

Using automation to streamline processes makes it easier to manage and keep track of multiple tasks at once. This enhances visibility, increases efficiency, and lowers operation costs.

5. Partner With a Self-Performing Facility Management Company

Another way to reduce facilities management costs is to partner with a self-performing facility management company. Self-performing facility management companies cut out the middleman and complete the work themselves with their own staff and technicians. Within a self-performing model, the technicians work for the FM company. This eliminates the markup on the price as there would be when aggregators hire from their network of contractors. Therefore, the technician rate is the company rate.


Experience the Difference With a Self-Performing Facility Management Company

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