Improving the Day-to-Day: What Makes a Good Facility Management Partner

Facilities management plays an important role in the success of an organization. The facility manager (FM) is responsible for coordinating the many unique needs of the facility, the stakeholders, and often multiple vendors and partners. They ensure the functionality, comfort, safety, sustainability, and efficiency of an organization’s physical locations. From the HVAC systems to the parking lot, the FM makes sure the facility’s structure and the supporting systems are operating properly.

Because facilities management touches just about every aspect of the workplace, it requires a lot of oversight. The amount of tasks required to keep an entire facility or facilities operational is often too big of an ask for any one person. As a way to simplify and avoid costly downtime, many organizations turn to a facilities management provider to assist the FM. In this article, we discuss the benefits of partnering with a facility management company and the qualities to look for when hiring the best FM provider for your organization.

Benefits of a Facility Management Partner

To partner with a facilities management company means that your organization benefits from the ongoing presence of highly skilled professionals in a wide range of trades and services who know your facility and equipment inside and out. While there are dozens of benefits, these three have the greatest impact on your organization:

  • Increased Efficiency: Having a partner that can streamline operations to take care of the day-to-day, while ensuring you have maximum control over the big picture is a major benefit. FM providers manage projects with reduced response and resolution time so you can continue serving your organization’s facility needs. With technicians on standby, you have added peace of mind knowing they can quickly address your projects with optimal efficiency.
  • Nationwide Access to Skilled and Vetted Technicians: Choosing to partner with an FM provider means you have access to their catalog of trusted technicians who are experts in their field. This access ensures you have the perfect technician for the job whenever, wherever.
  • Reliable and Continuous Service: Partnering with an FM provider means you can expect the same standard and quality of work whenever and wherever you need it. This level of consistency ensures your needs are consistently addressed every time.

Qualities of a Good Facility Management Partner

Not all FM providers offer the same level of service. The process of choosing an FM provider will vary depending on the needs of your organization. However, there are some common traits to look for when searching for the right FM partner. If your organization has made the decision to partner with an FM provider, these are the qualities that make up the best facility management companies.


Reliability is a key quality to look for when choosing an FM provider. Reliable FM providers hire thoroughly vetted technicians that are proven experts in their field. They have a diverse selection of well-rounded services and experienced teams to carry them out. This level of reliability helps you maintain a high level of service at all times, ensuring consistency in services that can evolve as your needs do.


Communication is critical to keeping systems running smoothly. Smooth communication impacts not only facilities managers but also employees, customers, and ultimately revenue. Good FM providers value clear and direct communication. They understand the impact communication has on company performance and ensure you and your team can reach them whenever necessary.


Good FM partners are collaborative and communicative. They take time to understand your situations, perceptions, and expectations to better learn your facility and deliver a custom solution that meets your needs. The best FM providers are invested in protecting the longevity of your systems and presenting options for both the long and short term.


The nature of facilities and property management is dynamic and ever-changing. Top FM providers are ones that can easily adapt their services to fit the unique needs of your facilities. The best partners will have improved flexibility to adapt to changes both within the overall industry and inside your organization.


The best FM providers are resourceful and creative. They know when to use technology to maximize efficiency and are up-to-date on the latest trends in all of their service areas. This helps them provide the highest quality of service which improves your bottom line and reflects well on your ability to manage the facility.

Discover the Power of an Integrated Self-Performing Facilities Management Partner

A facilities management partner could be the perfect collaborator to help set you up for success. They can assist by developing smoother systems of communication between the technician, command center, and facilities managers to ensure a process that streamlines service, integrates teams, centralizes goals, and lays the framework for efficient and quality relationships.

At National Facilities Direct, we solve problems for both the long and short term that meet resolution-time needs and make your job easier. If you’re ready to partner with an FM provider that is truly invested in the success of your organization, let’s set up a meeting to discuss how we can help take your operations to the next level.