The Ultimate Winter Facility Management Checklist

The winter season poses a whole new set of challenges when it comes to facility management. Freezing temperatures, along with snow and ice, have the potential to disrupt operations and affect the safety of occupants. Taking a proactive approach with some preventative maintenance and proper planning can help you mitigate these risks, avoid emergency repairs, and ensure a safe and comfortable environment for visitors during the colder months. From HVAC maintenance to snow and ice removal, here’s a checklist of helpful reminders to help you plan and prepare your facilities for winter.


Maintain HVAC Systems

Preventative HVAC maintenance ensures your heating systems work when you need them most. While you most likely have a preventative maintenance plan in place, these basic preparations can improve system efficiency and help get your system ready for winter.

    • Check and replace any air filters

    • Clean ductwork

    • Check for leaks

    • Calibrate thermostats

    • Check heat pumps

    • Inspect electrical connections

    • Clean out drain lines and pans to present freezing

    • Test humidity and temperature controls and monitors

Inspect Plumbing

Freezing temperatures can occasionally cause facility water system leaks and even flooding. Therefore, it’s important to be proactive and prepare plumbing and irrigation before winter.

    • Check for leaks at all fixtures and piping

    • Ensure pipes are insulated and sealed to prevent freezing, bursting, or flooding

    • Check operation of valves and shutoffs

Prepare for Power Outages

Strong storms, ice build-up on power lines, and other winter weather-related problems can lead to inconvenient power outages. Taking the necessary precautions to ensure the functionality of a secondary power source, like a backup generator, can help you avoid costly downtime.

    • Perform regular and preventative maintenance on power generators, like fluid changes and electrical connection checks

    • Test generators for operation and switchover before the incident

    • Ensure proper fuel supply for generators

    • Check for exposed wiring and remediate – especially in areas exposed to freezing temperatures and melting ice or snow

    • Make sure emergency lighting systems work properly and check all lightbulbs


Examine the Exterior of Your Buildings

Avoid emergency repairs in the middle of winter and give buildings and surrounding areas a thorough inspection to spot any potential trouble spots before winter sets in.

    • Inspect roofing for holes or damage that could cause leaks during snowmelt

    • Check for loose shingles and repair damage to existing seals and flashing

    • Clean debris from roofs and gutters to ensure proper drainage

    • Make sure all windows and doors have proper insulation

    • Regularly check the parking lot and sidewalks for cracks and potholes

    • Inspect siding

    • Keep an eye on possible landscaping threats like hanging tree limbs

    • Have a snow removal plan in place that includes walkways and parking lots

    • Keep entryways clean and safe with a deicer solution

    • Designate a spot to pile snow or have it professionally hauled away

    • Ensure lighting is operational or installed in these spaces to improve visibility


One Partner for All of Your Facility Management Needs

Facilities management is a year-round responsibility that involves careful planning and preparation. However, winter poses a new set of challenges that can strain even the most well-maintained facilities. Harsh winds, chilly conditions, heavy snowfall, ice, and lack of daylight can add extra stress to an already busy workload. 

Partnering with an FM provider can help alleviate some of the stress that comes with the wintertime. From reduction of costs to optimizing your facility management programs for increased efficiency, the right partner can provide the support you need to take your operations to the next level this winter. 

At National Facilities Direct, your problems are our problems, and we will work with you to provide a solution that meets your needs. Our customer-centric environment means we’ll stop at nothing to ensure you and your organization have the tools necessary to succeed. If you’re ready to cross items off your list with a facilities management partner you can trust, contact NFD today!