How to Enhance Communication in Facilities Management

According to Apollo Technical, 86% of employees blame a “lack of effective collaboration and communication” as the leading cause of workplace failures. In the case of facilities management, communication is critical to keeping systems running smoothly. Smooth communication impacts not only facilities managers but also employees, customers, and ultimately revenue.

When facilities management projects have tight deadlines and strict requirements, it’s important to have effective and efficient communication between managers and strategic partners. But keeping everyone on track and in order comes with its own unique challenges.

Let’s take a look at some proven communication techniques to turn your next project into a streamlined triumph!

1. Start with the basics – documentation

While it may sound simple, listening, taking notes, and documenting as much information as you can will help you prepare to lead your project, your team and your selected partners when they seek guidance. Documentation will also allow you to share the information in written format, empowering others to answer their own questions. The more you know, the faster you’ll be able to fill in any gaps and reduce resolution time. Some facility management companies even offer technology that can assist in capturing and documenting this valuable information, saving you valuable time.

Plus, it goes without saying that building positive rapport and an open line of communication establishes trust, fosters collaboration, and produces an overall commitment to a job well done–and on time! This is made even further evident when considering the fact that over 60% of employees believe their views and opinions are ignored in the workplace, according to AON. This is an unfortunate statistic that could be completely avoidable with effective communication.

2. Utilize innovative technology

Working in facility management, we’ve all experienced a chaotic workday. Sorting through emails and work orders, jumping from meeting to meeting trying to coordinate multiple time-sensitive projects all at once. And while we love the energy of this fast-paced day-to-day, we also know it can take its toll and that gaps in communication can create a significant fallout.

New advancements in facilities management technologies and streamlined communication tools can be an easy solution to help cut through the clutter, reduce downtime, and eliminate needless frustration. In fact, many can be easily integrated into the systems you already use.

We value communication that is efficient, timely, direct, and clear. Here are a few of the applications that are frontrunners in efficient and intelligent communication for integrated facility management. Each of these are also compatible with NFD’s proprietary technology solution that supports our value for communication.

  • ServiceChannel: A leading facility management software and contractor sourcing, ServiceChannel lets you manage all maintenance activity from a single platform.
  • Tango: The Next-Gen Real Estate & Facilities Platform that unites analytics, transactions, lease administration & accounting, space management, desk booking, and more.
  • Corrigo: Access to powerful, easy-to-use software and mobile apps that help you manage your facilities with less overhead.
  • Asana: A project management software that tracks, manages, and connects your projects across any team.
  • Verisae: Cloud-based maintenance management platform that provides service, asset, and procurement management solutions for facility managers.
  • Fexa: Innovative and intuitive software making it easier for Facilities and Operations Teams to get quality work done.

We streamline communication by speaking directly with our facility manager customers so they have the constant, real-time, project tracking and information they may need at any given moment.

3. Enlist a strategic partner

When it comes to choosing a facilities management partner, there are various options available. From local to regional vendors, and from aggregators with pools of untested contractors to self-performing agencies like NFD, it can be difficult to find the right partner. It’s vital to find the right fit for your organization based on your needs and values. We believe the right partner is the one who takes a customer-centric approach, a team that takes the time to understand your situations, perceptions, and expectations to better learn your facility and processes. We strive to always be flexible and meet those varying needs while also suggesting viable solutions.

If you’re finding communication gaps with your vendors, an integrated self-performing facilities management partner could be the perfect collaborator to help set you up for success. They can assist by developing smoother systems of communication between the technician, command center, and facilities managers to ensure a process that streamlines service, integrates teams, centralizes goals, and lays the framework for efficient and quality relationships.


Regardless of the industry, service, or staff the impact communication has on company performance is undeniable. According to a 2021 study by, over 26% of people feel that the way businesses communicated–both internally and externally–has deteriorated over the past year. This is a trend that needs to be reversed for the health of the facility management nationwide.

The need for dependable communication in FM is clear and so vital to a strong organizational structure and fully efficient facility. So vital in fact that a McKinsey report has shown that when collaborative communications are effective, they may increase productivity by as much as 25%. That can make a big difference to the bottom line as well as have a positive impact on company culture and workplace happiness.

About National Facilities Direct

At NFD, we know how important clear, timely, and consistent communication is and we firmly believe in the positive benefits that come along with it. In fact, we’re so passionate about communication that we’ve developed our own proprietary software to streamline communication and promote efficiency.

We are the future of facility management. We’ve cut out the middle man, consolidated communication, simplified service requests, and reduced our response and resolution time. We provide all the necessary connectivity and custom technology to aid in any project. Contact us today for an immediate facility need or to set up a consultation for future needs or routine maintenance.