5 Signs You May Need a Facility Management Partner

It takes a lot to manage a facility. Whether it’s building operations like cleaning, security, maintenance, and grounds management or compliance and safety, facilities management touches just about every part of the workplace. As a result, even the best FMs can feel stretched thin from time to time. If it’s unclear why there is a rising backlog of uncompleted maintenance tasks, or it feels like there’s no time to focus on more strategic initiatives, it might be worth partnering with a facility management provider. Here are five signs you may need a facility management partner.

1. Rising Costs

Constantly paying for ad hoc repairs can get costly. If you notice that repairs and servicing costs always seem to be on the rise, then it might be time to consider an FM partner. They will work with you to understand your entire operation and develop a custom solution that extends the lifespan of your equipment or building’s infrastructure. In turn, this leads to fewer repair costs and increased operational efficiency.

2. Frequent Disruptions

Whether they’re maintenance repairs or critical systems failure, constantly spending valuable time reacting to one situation or the other can lead to wasteful productivity. Partnering with an FM company allows you to bring in additional support and specialists as needed. This flexibility increases productivity and helps you deliver on a range of your organizational objectives.

3. Difficulty Tracking and Managing Assets

Spending time looking for assets or procuring new ones wastes valuable resources and stalls the resolution of problems in your facility. Then it’s only a matter of time before occupants become frustrated and workplace satisfaction declines, which leads to a decrease in productivity. Through effective staff management and the implementation of best practices and innovative technologies, an FM partner can help you easily keep tabs on not just your assets but your entire operation.

4. Low or No Budget For Technology

If you are finding that many of the facility management challenges you face could be minimized or resolved with enhanced or upgraded technology, then it’s a sign to partner with an FM provider. Forward-thinking FM companies have innovative technologies that cut through the clutter, reduce downtime, and eliminate needless frustration. In addition, they can help regulate compliance, analyze insights of project details and performance, track time and resources, and ensure a consistent level of service and quality.

5. Communication Gaps

When projects have tight deadlines and strict requirements, effective and efficient communication between managers and strategic partners is critical. If you’re finding communication gaps, an integrated, self-performing facilities management partner could be the perfect collaborator to help set you up for success. They can assist by developing smoother systems of communication between the technician, command center, and facilities managers to ensure a process that streamlines service, integrates teams, centralizes goals, and lays the framework for efficient and quality relationships.

Choosing the Right Partner

Partnering with a facility management provider ensures your organization is running at full optimization without day-to-day facility maintenance interruptions. From the reduction of costs to optimizing your facility management programs for increased efficiency, the right partner can provide the support you need to take your operations to the next level.

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